New exhibition uses collage, screenprinting & installations to induce 'mayhem & delight'

The exhibition, set to open on 13 March, features work from Hysteria, a collective of three female artists.

Hysteria, a collective of three female artists, is set to join Jeffrey Disaster in a new exhibition at Masion Bertaux from 13 March.

The exhibition, which features work from the UK-based Hysteria collective (Collagism, Aida Wilde and Shuby) as well as work from artist and musician Jeffery Disaster, is described as a combination of mayhem and delight.

Featuring collage, screenprinting and installations, Hysteria promises "a feast for the eyes" starring the collective's trademark eggs, legs, bananas, bunnies and bold iconography.

Hysteria's exhibition is designed to explore the artists' relationship with food, sex, gender and symbolism, and provide a new take on pop culture. The new body of work is showcased across two floors in the new exhibition, paired with the venue Maison Bertaux's delicious Patisserie.

Hysteria will also be offering a series of workshops during the exhibition's time at Maison Bertaux, which runs from 13 March to 15 June in London. 

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see a sneak preview of the exhibition ahead of its opening.

Right: Hysteria celebrates as the collective finishes preparing for the exhibition.

Right: Hysteria's exhibition is a feast for the eyes.

Right: The exhibition explores sex, food, gender and pop culture through bright, bold collages.

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Right: Hysteria also uses screenprinting techniques to create the installations.

Right: A Hysteria collage located at Brick Lane.