Okuda explores ancient Greek mythology in London solo show

See Okuda’s multi-coloured patterns and geometric structures in his StolenSpace Gallery solo show exploring mythological idols.

Madrid-based illustrator Okuda has been known for his colour-saturated geometric structures and patterns since 1997, which enliven abandoned factories, skate parks and streets. 

His upcoming solo show at StolenSpace Gallery in London, Lost Olympus, will showcase more of his incredible Pop Surrealism artwork from February 3. 

Lost Olympus offers a representation of the mythological idols and characters from ancient Greece to the contemporary.

His dream-like scenes create a picture of reflection on contradictions about the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, longings, intuitions and beliefs.

They also touch on the clear conflict between our roots and modernity.

These confronting concepts take the form of geometric architectural blends with organic shapes such as bodies without identities, headless animals and symbols.

His work can be seen throughout streets and galleries in India, Mali, Mozambique, the US, Japan, South Africa, Mexico and Europe.

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Okuda’s deep curiosity for the history behind different cultures has led him to admire the gods, legends and myths alive in each culture, and thus use them as a repertoire of images and concepts. 

Okuda works with spray paint, embroidery and sculpture to create his own recognisable iconographic language.