Ping Pong-inspired art stars in upcoming exhibition

See a sneak peek of the artwork that'll be showcased at the Pong Ping exhibition at Twenty Twenty Two in February.

To celebrate the launch of a Ping Pong zone in the basement of music and arts event space Twenty Twenty Two, the Mancehster venue will soon play host to 'Pong Ping', a Ping Pong-themed art, design and illustration exhibition.

The exhibition features work from creative from across the globe, each piece a different interpretation of the Ping Pong theme.

Among the 24 artists involved in the exhibition are Jenny Theolin, Si Scott, Guy McKinley, Sneaky Raccoon, Design by House, Dave Sedgwick, Craig Oldham, and Matt Booth.

Pong Ping will run from 6 February to 5 March at Twenty Twenty One, and limited edition prints will be available to buy from the Twenty Twenty Two shop from 7 February.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to take a closer look at some of the prints set to star in the Pong Ping exhibition.

Right: Pong Ping by Dave Sedgwick.

Right: Ping, Pang & Pong by Jenny Theolin – a homage to the world-class ping-pong skills of the Chinese.

Right: Disgo by Sneaky Racoon.


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Right: Barney Ibbotson's Ping Pong-inspired print.

Right: Mrs Cluck by Tash Willcocks

Right: Andy Cook's XXX Girls.

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Right: Spanking Paddle by Studio Opposite.

Right: Design By House's contribution to the Pong Ping exhibition.

Right: Live to Win by James O'Connell.

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