Playing cards feature artworks by illustrators and designers

The Playing Arts deck features work by Chuck Anderson, Joshua Davis, Sara Blake, Gary Fernández and more.

Following last year's Creative Cards deck, Digital Abstracts has started a Kickstarter campaign to release another set of playing cards featuring artwork from illustrators and designers – many of whom should be familiar to regular Digital Arts readers.

Playing Arts features designs by the likes of Tang Yau Hoong, Jordan Debney, Newfren, Gary Fernández, Raul Urias, Chuck Anderson, Joshua Davis, Javier Medellin Puyou (card right) and Sara Blake.

“When you’re a freelance illustrator, collaboration and group projects are so key to staying inspired and driven," says Sara. "They give you the support of a group of friends in the same field,and expose you to different styles and ways of working. It’s especially nice to then have a physical object to show for it too – really nice cards to hold in your hand.”

To get your hands you need to pledge at least $20 to the project through the Playing Arts Kickstarter page– and you should get your cards by Christmas. The page has already received pledges to almost twice the value of the $3,000 target.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the more of the cards.

Right: 4 of Diamonds by Peter Olschinsky.

Right: 8 of Hearts by Raul Urias.

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Right: 8 of Spades by Gary Fernández.

Right: 9 of Clubs by Chuck Anderson.

Right: Jack of Diamonds by Newfren.

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Right: Ace of Clubs by Andreas Preis