Postcards by British designers & illustrators to say 'we'll miss EU' now in book

Brexit postcards by British creatives including NB Studio, Craig Oldham and Si Scott that were sent to Europe after Article 50 was triggered are now available in a book.

Postcards designed by a team of UK creatives as a means to reach out to Europe after Brexit was announced, can now be pre-ordered in the form of a limited-edition book.

The book showcases all the designs of the postcards from the 'ME & EU' project, and also allows you to pull out the postcards so you can “continue dialogue with our EU neighbours”.

ME & EU was a way to show reconnection with Europe after Brexit was underway, and 116 postcards were mailed out across all 27 EU countries. The project was nominated for this year’s Beazley Designs of the Year.

The book of all the designs has been written by Nathan Smith and Sam T Smith, printed in the UK and published by Common Practise.

Pre-order ME & EU for £25 here.

News organisations already had the huge countdown in place, and many watched on as Mrs May read her six-page letter voicing hope for a “deep and special partnership”, and calls to refrain from calling Brexit a “divorce”.

In response to Brexit, a large team of UK creatives came together to write and design a collection of postcards to be sent across Europe as a means to reach out and remain connected post the EU referendum.

We featured some of the best postcards from the book the day after Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union was triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May, when the nation was reeling from the beginnings of a lengthy two-year process of Britain leaving the EU.

See the designs in this feature.

Image: NB Studios

The Me and EU Instagram account stated “We never thought this day would come but the Article 50 letter has officially been handed over to the EU - it’s time we hand over our lot too. We are now sending".

The postcards have been sent to individual creatives and studios spanning all 27 remaining EU member countries. They are expected to arrive next week, and Me and EU curators Nathan Smith and Sam T Smith are hoping for responses.

Seeing the final designs is an emotional experience, with symbolic illustrations on the front of the postcard, and on the back phrases written as personalised messages such as “we’ll never let EU go” and “I wish this never happened” sure to chills down your spine.

Image: James Fishlock

Some messages had a lighter tone, such as this one by Tom Green from Edenspiekermann.

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Me and EU includes studios such as NB Studio, Craig Oldham and Si Scott, as well as artists representing Turner Duckworth and Johnson Banks. Individual artists include Tom Green, Olivia Charlesworth and Gordon Reid.

Read on to see other designs.

Image: Gordon Reid

Image: Si Scott

Image: Olivia Charlesworth

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Image: Leanne Kitchen

Image: Craig Oldham

Image: Chester Holme

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Image: A Practise For Everyday Life

Image: Christian Eager

Image: Mike Fischer

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