Procreate's iPhone app offers new brushes, a larger canvas and better support for the iPhone 8/X

The Procreate Pocket 2 digital painting app also now offers support for P3 colour and 3D Touch as well as the sharing of custom-made brushes and 30-second time-lapse videos.

Illustration: Janice Sung

Procreate Pocket – the iPhone version of digital painting app Procreate for iPad – has finally had a major update, including new brushes and a larger canvas size, bringing most of the Procreate for iPad features to your iPhone X or iOS 11.

Procreate Pocket was first introduced for iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) in 2014, so it’s well overdue for a major overhaul. With the release of Procreate Pocket 2 later this month, its creators Savage Interactive has also introduced two new features which make it easier to share your custom-made brushes, and your creative process on social media via a shortened, 30-second time-lapse video.

The update has added better support for technologies including in Apple's latest phones – the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X – including support for P3 colour, 3D touch and full support for haptic feedback.

Read on to see the new features. 

Download Procreate Pocket 2 for US$4.99/£4.99 from the App Store now.

Illustration: Alexandra Zutto

Using the same graphics engine from Savage that powers Procreate’s iPad app (introduced in Procreate 4), called Silica-M, Procreate Pocket 2 now offers P3 colour depth (a wider colour range than sRGB, much closer to Adobe RGB) 136 brushes to choose from – pencils, inks, calligraphy pens, wet paint and digital-only abstract effects – and almost all features from the iPad version, such as ColorDrip, Layer Masks, custom brushes and QuickLine.

You can take advantage of iPhone's 3D Touch – essentially how hard you push on the screen (see how to use 3D Touch effectively) – for pressure-sensitive painting without the need for a bluetooth-connected stylus. Use simple hand gestures, which have been designed for users "on-the-go" you can undo, redo, zoom in and apply features. 

There are two new features specific to Procreate Pocket 2 – Brush Set export and a time-lapse export.

Brush Set export allows you to share bespoke brush creations through online marketplaces or expand your own libraries with thousands of custom brushes already available. Procreate already has a time-lapse video feature which automatically records your creative process in the background, but the new 30-second export offers a shortened version that selects only the important frames – perfect for sharing on social media.

"We literally threw the Procreate Pocket 1.0 codebase away and started fresh. Every pixel and every line of code is new," says chief executive and co-founder of Savage, James Cuda.

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A new interface has been designed specifically for a smaller screen, with toolbars that retract out of the way of the canvas when you tap. 

Illustration: Stephanie Fizer-Coleman

Pricing and Availability

Procreate Pocket 2 is available to download from the iTunes App store from May 21.

A free update is offered to existing users, otherwise it’ll cos you £4.99/US$4.99.