8 amazing pulp and retro takes on cult films and TV shows from Stephen Andrade

These illustrations reference some of our favourite things from our youth: Choose Your Own Adventure books, horror comics, Labyrinth, Clue and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (plus Adventure Time).

We came across Stephen Andrade while looking through what’s on show at the latest exhibition at LA's Gallery 1988 – a wealth of TV-based artworks under the banner of Idiot Box, from which we’re also loving Andrew Scaife’s 8-bit adventure game versions of scenes from Friends, Star Trek and Breaking Bad.

The Massachusetts-based artist's latest piece, Tales From The Twilight Zone (Vintage Pulp Edition), is a fun pastiche of pulp book covers – with some neat little references to classic episodes of the American TV show (which I’ve gradually seen throughout my life).

From here a quick Google found his site, where things got closer to my heart. Stephen has used the same approach to produce pulp covers for films and shows that resonated through my childhood and teenage years: Labyrinth (shown here), Clue, Little Shop of Horrors – films that were as much high camp as horror, and that were fully aware of their own ridiculousness and having as much fun with it as possible.

Image: The Goblin King (Vintage Pulp Edition)

Stephen has also turned this concept to TV shows – both well-known ones like Star Trek and barely-remembered-apart-from-by-a-select-few like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Like the Twilight Zone piece, this is stuffed with references to particular episodes – in this case to the awful old sci-fi films that the show’s two successive ‘heroes’ were forced to watch (and mock, which was what the show was really all about).

Image: Labyrinth

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The one modern show Stephen’s started from is everyone’s favourite cartoon starring a boy, dog, a selection of princesses and an evil old Ice King. Rather than turning it into a pulp novel, he’s worked it into a Choose Your Own Adventure Time book – which is probably our favourite of his pieces.

Image: Choose Your Own Adventure Time (Book Club Edition)

Other covers have fun with the pulp comic/magazine form, including this edition of ‘Erotic Friend Fiction’ (surely that should be ‘Erotic Fiend Fiction’).

Image: Erotic Zombie Friend Fiction (Vintage Pulp Edition)

All of Stephen's works are created using a mixture of acrylics and digital.

Image: The White Widow (Vintage Pulp Edition), referencing Clue

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Image: Tales Of Horrorticulture (Vintage Pulp Edition), referencing Little Shop of Horrors

Image: Spooky Stories (Vintage Pulp Edition)

Image: Tales About Nothing

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