Rod Hunt's ultra-detailed artworks for IKEA Russia

London-based Illustrator Rod Hunt has created highly detailed artwork for IKEA Russia and Instinct BBDO

Rod Hunt was commissioned by Instinct BBDO to illustrate its new Russian campaign for IKEA.

The award-winning London-based illustrator, who has built a reputation for retro-tinged Illustrations, detailed character filled landscapes and the Top Gear Where's Stig? books, created a huge illustration of ten different families and their apartments

The illustrations were used in the book written by Russian children's author Grigory Oster to represent IKEA furniture solutions suited to each family's diverse lifestyle.

Use the controls above and right to explore the artwork.

"This is one of the most detailed illustrations I've ever produced," Rod told Digital Arts. "It required extensive research and reference for a high level of accuracy to represent the many featured products from the IKEA catalogue."

Everything started with a detailed pencil line drawing. Once that was approved by the client, the final artwork was produced in Adobe illustrator, drawing with a a Wacom Cintiq.

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Each family has their own unique character with IKEA furniture and products suitable for their lifestyles. For example, the Darkness Loving Family has a dark and red gothic feel with moody lighting.

There was a lot of discussion about the layouts of the apartments, with a 'Tetris-style' interlocking arrangement being deemed the most suitable.

"There was a considerable amount of work involved," said Rod. "With very long hours in the studio to complete the project on time for the campaign's launch."

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While Rod was working, Instinct BBDO was also producing a photoshoot of the actual families and apartment sets. These then also fed into the look of the final illustration.

"I was given a detailed brief and outline including mood boards, descriptions and background stories for each family," said Rod.

The Darkness Loving Family (right) are one of the artist's personal favourites

The whole project took around 8 weeks in total from briefing to final artwork.

The illustrations were also used in an online game

You can download the IKEA book here

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