Secret 7" returns to bring you incredible artworks on single sleeves

This year's artists include the Chapman brothers, Sir Anthony Gormley and a whole host of leading illustrators.

Secret 7" returns to Shoreditch this weekend, giving you the chance to pick up a one-off artwork on a seven-inch single sleeve from a leading light in the art, illustrator or design worlds (or Karl Pilkington).

This year's charity project follows the same format as before. Some top notch artists and illustrators have been creating artworks on seven-inch single covers. These are being shown at a space in East London-based ad agency Mother and can be bought for £45 – with the proceeds going to this year's chosen charity, War Child.

The seven singles the artists could choose to base their covers on are Black Sabbath's Age Of Reason, Elbow's Grounds For Divorce, Jake Bugg's Strange Creatures, Lorde's Team, Massive Attack's Karmacoma, Roxy Music's Virginia Plain, T-Rex's Get It On.

The 'secret' part is that purchasers aren't supposed to know which sleeve is by which artist – though some by artists with distinct styles are clearly identifiable (hello, Modern Toss).

I went down to one of the private views last night, and here I've collected 16 of my favourites from what's on show.

The organisers have made much of the involvement of famous fine artists such as Jake and Dinos Chapman and Sir Antony Gormley and fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, but there are many talented designers and illustrators familiar to Digital Arts readers. You can see the full list of Secret 7" 2014 contributors here. Also included in the exhibition are covers created by some of the Afghani children supported by Warchild.

The exhibition is open tomorrow and Sunday (April 12-13) and on World Record Day (April 19) at Mother, 10 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DD.

Right: 4 more covers from Secret 7" 2014.

Right: 4 more covers from Secret 7" 2014.

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Right: 4 more covers from Secret 7" 2014.