See the awesome whisky bottles designed for Purple's 20th birthday

Purple Creative has turned 20, so has created four wonderfully detailed whisky bottle designs to celebrate.

UK-based design agency Purple Creative has celebrated its 20th year of business by designing four whisky bottles to house its limited edition blended Scotch whisky.

A total of 200 bottles of the 'XX Whisky', which has been especially to celebrate Purple's milestone, will be given to the people and companies that have helped Purple Creative since it began back in the 90s.  

Each of the four bottle designs, which were illustrated by Chris Martin, feature stories and memories that Purple has gathered during its 20 years in the creative industry, from the white van that Purple's three founders travelled around Europe in during their final year at university to a practical joke gone wrong that resulted in a bin explosion.

The four bottles have been finished in midnight black, with screen-printed white illustrations. A Corian stone stopper can be found on top of each bottle.

Take a closer look at the four XX Whisky designs and find out more about how they were created using the slideshow controls above and right.

In addition to the stories and memories that grace the four whisky bottles, Purple has also added the names of all 44 people who work and have worked at the design agency.

Right: One of the four designs before it was wrapped around a bottle.

Purple is no stranger to designing for alcoholic drinks. Previous clients include Glenfiddich, Zubrowka vodka, Courvoisier cognac and Grant's blended Scotch whisky.

Right: The second of the four illustrations.

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Purple founders Steve Bewick, Andy Harding and Gary Westlake said:“We’ve been lucky to have worked with some of the world’s best alcohol brands over the years. And we know that all our clients, mentors, friends and family either appreciate good whisky, good design, or both. They are the ones who have got us to where we are, so we couldn’t think of a better way to say a big thank you to all of them.”

Right: The third whisky bottle design.

The whisky itself is a blend of 20 single grain and single malt Scotch whiskies, all matured for at least 20 years.

Right: The final whisky bottle design.

Right: A close-up of one of the many stories depicted within the four illustrations. The founders of Purple decided to travel around Europe in their last year at University, aiming to keep a design diary of their journey as part of their final degree show. They painted the van white and covered the interior in faux leopard print fur.

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Right: Purple explains that the story behind the ambulance illustration involves many parties that resulted in ambulance intervention on multiple occassions.

Right: Julian Bajzert, a photographer friend of Purple who was fond of practical jokes, once fired a firework into a metal bin located in the middle of the agency's London studio space, which resulted in an explosion so huge that the entire office of more than 200 people had to be evacuated, hence the exploding bin in this illustration.