See Chase Kunz's captivating collages in new 'Clever Collage Work' series

Check out Chase's collages in our slideshow.

Chase Kunz creates 17 captivating collages for Clever Collage Work series.

Seattle-based designer and illustrator Chase Kunz has created a new collage collection that combines vintage imagery, humour and type, resulting in and intriguing series of artworks.

A total of 17 collages make up Chase's Clever Collage Work series. We particularly enjoyed the reference to Cartoon Network's animated series, Regular Show, in Chase's 'Mordecai & Rigby' collage, as well as the Proper Panda and Triceratops collages, which are rather fun.

Chase explains that his work stems from "appreciation for the past and application of the new," and that he "develops modern interpretations of old images."

"A good sense of humor is important to my creative proces," he told us. "If a design makes me laugh, I know I did something right."

All 17 of Chase's Clever Collage Work prints will be available to purchase from Curioos from Thursday, and each print is individually numbered, stamped and signed.

To see the collection, use the slideshow controls above and right.

Right: Mordecai & Rigby

Right: Triceratops

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Right: Dream Awake

Right: Octopus Beach

Right: Battleship

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Right: Flying Fish

Right: Mountain Song

Right: Night Owl

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Right: Northern Bluefin

Right: Solar Lens

Right: Starfighter

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Right: Thought Process

Right: Warhawk