See highlights of Mr Penfold's striking new solo exhibition

Bristol-based artist brings pop culture and clean crisp graphic painting to Brighton's No Walls Gallery

 Brighton's No Walls Gallery is currently presenting Masquerades and Silhouettes, a solo show by Bristol based artist Mr Penfold.

Mr Penfold, originally from Cambridge, works as an artist and designer and has exhibited across the world. Trained in a professional collaborative printmaking studio making work for and with artists of international repute, his solo career over the last eight years has developed into a distinctive way of working.

His influences range from skateboard graphics to classical and formal abstraction, developing a distinctive and recognisable palette and formulating a set of conditions that he applies to his work, such as Fill My Coffee (shown here).

Mr Penfold has gradually stripped back his work, focusing on the contrast between colour, texture and line work.

Drawing inspiration from classic abstraction and minimalism, Masquerades and Silhouettes explores his love for iconic pop culture and clean crisp graphic painting.

Masquerades and Silhouettes, a free exhibition, runs until 22nd February 2014, at No Walls Gallery,  114 Church Street, Brighton.

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