See the satirical mechanical character art on show at the Robot Carnival

These robot-themed prints are being exhibited at LA's Gallery 1998.

Roll up, roll up, Gallery1988 in Los Angeles is hosting Robot Carnival, a group exhibition featuring new work from Dave Pressler and Mark Bryan.

The show will also include smaller works by fellow robot artists David Chung, Aaron Jasinski, Gabe Lanza, Geoffrey Gersten, Joshua Ellingson, Lawrence Yang, Shaunna Peterson, and Wade Schin.

Until the show closes on November 7, Gallery1988 will evoke an old­-time carnival, replete with popcorn and candy floss.

"Sly, playful, seductive, and humorous, the works in this exhibition transport us into a parallel world filled with mechanical imitations of our selves," said Gallery1988. "Rather than being completely mechanised beings that humans have fast become reliant on, the satirical characters in Robot Carnival give us space to imagine and play."

Image: All carnies will be replaced by robots, by Dave Pressler

Image: The Eyeball Kid, by Mark Bryan

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Image: Big Pointy Teeth, by Lawrence Yang

Image: American Robots, by Geoffrey Gersten

Image: Punchbot, by Mark Bryan

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Image: The Mint, by Geoffrey Gersten

Image: The Collectors, by Mark Bryan

Image: Carnival Barker by Wadeschin

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Image: Mona and the Metal Men, by Mark Bryan

Image: Mermaidomatic by Dave Pressler

Image: Fight Club by Geoffrey Gersten

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Image by Aaron Jasinski

Image: Atomated Evil by Dave Pressler

Image: Offering, by Lawrence Yang

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Image: The most uncomfortable show on earth, by Dave Pressler

Image: Robot Rescue, by Mark Bryan

Image by Gabe Lanza

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Image: The Wedding, by Mark Bryan