See works from digital art pioneer William Latham's 30-year career

Creator of album art for The Shamen and the Organic Art art software has his first exhibition in 20 years.

As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, artist and professor William Latham is putting on an exhibition of his digital artworks.

The Mutator 1 + 2: Evolutionary Art by William Latham exhibition takes place at Phoenix Brighton from September 7 to October 2013, and you can see examples of his work right.

William Latham was one of the first UK artists in the 80’s to create computer art. His work blends organic imagery and computer animation, using software modeled upon the processes of evolution. Starting with a simple shape, Latham introduces random ‘mutations’ of a form in order to generate increasingly complex three-dimensional creations that resemble fantastical, futuristic organisms.

Mutator 1 + 2 is Latham’s first major exhibition in the UK in over twenty years, and includes his early hand-drawn work, large computer generated Cibachrome prints, video art and his most recent interactive projected imagery that explores and embodies evolutionary processes, physical and virtual space.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to learn more about William Latham and see more of his work.

Trained as an artist, Latham moved into the world of computing through his work at IBM, and during this time collaborated with mathematician Stephen Todd to develop a methodology for mutating and evolving forms.

Their Mutator code allows designers to ‘breed’ designs in the same way as Latham generates art, pulling us into the virtual laboratories of artificial life. The manipulation of the natural world by humans is a theme which runs though much of Latham’s work; he likens himself to a gardener who breeds organic art by exploiting and amplifying mutations in order to create new, hybrid forms, a process he describes as “an evolution driven by aesthetics”.

After working in the computer games industry for 13 years, Latham returned to research and academia as Professor of Computer Art at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he works with Professor Frederic Fol Leymarie; he is currently collaborating with Lawrence Kelly on software to explore the world of protein folding and scientific visualization.

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His recent interactive video projections and web based programmes draw upon his most recent work undertaken at Goldsmiths, and they allow viewers to participate in and witness the process of evolution in a direct and intuitive way, whether this takes place within a gallery setting in Brighton or online from across the world.

As part of Mutator 1 + 2, curator Sue Gollifer has commissioned the artist to create a large scale Retro-Form Synth drawing directly on the gallery walls. This piece will link together the various aspects of Latham’s career.

The exhibition is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm on 7 September to 13 October.

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