These shiny abstract 3D works will brighten up your day

Emilio La Mura has combined abstract and metaphysical art in this lovely 3D project.

It's definitely feels like autumn here in London, so Emilio La Mura's bright, shiny artworks are just what we need to cheer us up.

Metaphysical Abstractism's five works are comprised of simple geometric shapes and bold textures with bright colours on reflective surfaces. There's a simplicity to the compositions, with buttons and balls implying that these are part of some kind of Heath Robinson machine of nebulous purpose.

Emilio says that the project combines metaphysical and abstract art.

"Geometrical abstract objects, placed in different metaphysical compositions, assume new symbolic meanings, in a context where space and time are undefined."

"All references to reality are lost in a new dimension of language. The observer can interprets the compositions elements
and gives them a personal symbolic meaning."

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Metaphysical Abstractism was created in Cinema 4D and Photoshop.

Emilio is based in Naples, Italy, where he studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts.