These graphic cycling posters by Anne Ulku are rather beautiful

Cyclists, and everyone else, should check out these wonderful posters by Anne Ulku for Artcrank.

Anne Ulku has been creating beautiful posters for Artcrank since 2010, an organisation that uses creativity to change the way people think about cycling.

"Artcrank is a poster party for bike people,” said Anne, an independent designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Charles Youel, who created the idea, curates a selection of artists to particpiate in the show and create a poster on the theme bikes. He does this within a variety of cities through the US, as well as some worldwide. It's an amazing organisation and I have always been a huge supporter."

Read more about how Ulku created the prints on her blog.

This is Anne's 2014 Tour Poster. Read on to see posters from previous years.

Artcrank stages live events featuring bicycle-inspired posters created by local artists, beginning in 2007 with a single show at a bike shop in Minneapolis.

Each Artcrank show features the work of 30 or more artists who live and work in the host city. Artists create an original poster design about bikes and what cycling means in their lives, and produce a limited edition of signed and numbered copies to show and sell.

Image: Balance, from 2014.

All posters are made by hand, using printing techniques such as screenprinting and letterpress. And all posters sell for the same price: $50 in the US and £35 in the UK.

Image: Gold Bicycle, from 2013.

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Image: Build, from 2012.

Image: Infinite, from 2011.

Image: Pavement, from 2011.

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Image: Momentum, from 2010.