Art exhibition explores how young people depict grief and sympathy

If you missed the exhibition you can now pick up prints and artworks from a show themed around Mr Millerchip's childhood pet Murphy.

The concept for the show is around a series of rabbit characters inspired by Murphy, a pet of Joel's when he was 3. Murphy met an unfortunate end after a fox broke into his hutch - something Joel's mind had blocked out until his mum Janet reminded him a few months ago.

The returning memory prompted Joel to create a series of rabbit characters that he and his collaborators would use to explore contemporary visual renditions of grief - where social media makes it near impossible to block out loss and there's almost an expectation that you must pay tribute to those who die.

Image: a print for the show by Mr Millerchip

* Maybe it's easier to sell prints, get commercial commissions off the back of shows, people to turn up to your Thursday night private view and attract drinks sponsors for that with a positive theme - so props to Jameson's for sponsoring this show.

The works in the show span illustration, character art, fashion photography and embroidery (one of this autumn's big trends). Creatives taking part in the exhibition alongside Joel include Colourbox, Sophie Ellen, Leigh Jennings, Darren John, Malarky, Vinnie Nylon, Patrick Schmidt, Jack Teagle and Donya Todd.

Image: artwork by Mr Millerchip

The exhibition took place at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston.

Image: work-in-progress by Leigh Jenning.

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Joel has also set up a Facebook page called RIP Murphy where you can contribute your own artworks based on your own experiences with grief.

Image: artwork by Jack Teagle

Image: lino prints by Mr Millerchip

Image: mourner portraits by Mr Millerchip

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Image: from a photoshoot for the exhibition by Sophie Ellen

Image: from a photoshoot for the exhibition by Sophie Ellen

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Image: Vinnie Nylon's take on Joel's rabbits.

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