These are the winners of the World Illustration Awards 2018

See stunning artwork that picked up awards last night in categories from editorial to experimental.

If the artworks shown here is anything to go by, illustration is in rude health right now. These are the winners of this year's Association of Illustrators' World Illustration Awards - which includes fresh work from both established talent and the next generation of artists.

The awards received a record 3,000 entries from across 75 countries, which we’re sure made the judges’ decision excruciatingly hard. A shortlist of 200 is on show at Somerset House in London from today until June 20, with category and overall winners announced at its opening last night

The eight categories include books, children's books, design, editorial, advertising, experimental, research and site-specific illustration.

This year a whole new bunch of career-boosting and cash prizes are being introduced for the Overall Professional Winner and the Overall New Talent Winner, as well as an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate software package to winners of the professional and new talent advertising categories.

Stevie Gee was awarded as the Professional Overall Winner, with his work winning in two categories. First off is this packaging for Stella McCartney Kids, which won in the Professional Design category. Featuring bizarre body parts, they create characters when stacked.

Stevie also teamed up with animator Nicos Livesey for the Here to Create campaign for Adidas - featuring football legends Messi, Pogba, Firmino and Suárez. This won the Professional Animation category.

You can watch the animation here.

The overall New Talent prize went to Monika Vaicenaviciene.  Her What is a River? won the Children's Books New Talent category.

Monika says that her book looks at the "many beautiful and harmful relations we have with our environment. I composed the book as an imaginary expedition of a child and her grandma as to find out what a river is in different contexts."

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The winner in the professional Editorial category was this work, Emojiworld, by Esther Goh for the first issue of EYEYAH! magazine, on the theme of 'Internet'.

The Editorial New Talent award went to Chen Wu for Eggs, an illustration for a food magazine aimed at children.

Paul Thurlby's National Treasures were six window displays for John Lewis' flagship store in London that capture the 'best of British life'

The project won in the Professional Site Specific category.

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The New Talent award for Site-specific work went to Ana Jaks' House of Us branding for a Facebook event for teenagers.

The work had to appeal to all ages attending the event, from 13 to 19 - and be as inclusive as possible. You can see more about it here.

The Book of Lai's 360 Tiny Living Space is an 360-degree interactive illustration designed to be viewed on social media. It won the professional-level Experimental prize.

Every illustration exhibition features a cock somewhere, and these awards are no exception.

Inappropriate grandma is a series of cushions with nudity but without context. You are supposed to make up your own story from them.

Creator Jip van den Toorn embroidered them by hand, which took around 100 hours each. Unsurprisingly, this was a winner in the Experimental category, taking the New Talent award.

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Katja Grosskinsky's Magister Ludi is an interactive fashion collection. It took the New Talent award for Design.

In the Research category, the Professional award went to Carol Adlam's Thinking Room. This includes 10 very large paintings drawing inspiration from the Museum of Archaeology in Nottingham.

The New Talent award for Research-based illustration went to Ella Nitters Medical Art for Microsurgery of a Rat.

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Andreea Dobrin Dinu's illustrations for Art Safari 2017 - the largest art fair in Romania - are based around the show's tagline, 'Art Conquers Bucharest'. It picked up the New Talent prize for Advertising.

From here, we've picked our favourite shortlisted works, including pieces by Ben Tallon, Benji Davies, Claudine O’Sullivan, Coralie Bickford-Smith, La Boca, Owen Gildersleeve, Rebecca Hendin and Yukai Du.

Illustration commissioned for the purpose of advertising any type of product, event or brand in any media and presented through any platform. Includes but is not limited to music projects, billboards, television advertising, posters, print media advertising, viral advertising, digital pop ups and apps.

Owen Gildersleeve

Fanta Mashup, an ad for the soft drink. Owen is represented by Grand Matter.

Claudine O’Sullivan

Claudine created illustrations for the label of this Jameson whisky limited edition bottle. We last saw Claudine's work on display at the London Illustration Fair.

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La Boca

A London Underground safety poster for Transport for London (TfL). Recently we've featured work from La Boca including T-shirts and sci-fi book covers.

Illustration commissioned and published within the book format for a readership of 16 years or over. Work submitted may be a book cover, inside illustrations, whole book design or entire publication. Includes but is not limited to graphic novels, e-books, interactive books, text books, works of fiction and non-fiction, zines, reference books and artist books.

Coralie Bickford-Smith

Last year, we interviewed Coralie about this illustrated children's book, The Worm and the Bird - a follow-up to the Waterstones Book of the Year 2015, The Fox and the Star.

Iris Lei

This poster  of Owls of the World was created for a letterpress project.

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Amelia Mora

Amelia created this cover artwork for a picture book about opera legend Maria Callas.

Andrew Archer

These cover artworks were created for a new edition bringing together Philip K Dick's novels Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (the inspiration for the film Blade Runner) and A Scanner Darkly. The book was published by The Folio Society.

Illustration commissioned and published within the book format for a readership of 16 years or under. Work submitted may be the book cover, inside illustrations, whole book design or entire publication. Includes but is not limited to graphic novels, e-books, interactive books, picture books, chapter books, works of fiction and non-fiction, zines, reference books, artist books and pop-up books.

Sandra Dieckmann

Leaf is illustrator Sandra's first picture book. She's also written a tutorial for us on how to combine separate elements into one beautiful illustration.

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Benji Davies

Benji Davies is an illustrator, author and animation director who lives in East London. He's illustrated many children's books, and The Grotlyn is the third he has written as well.

Lucille Clerc

The Jungle Book is a series of screenprints inspired by Rudyard Kipling's classic novel

Illustration commissioned and published within the context of a design brief. This is a very broad category and includes all areas of design. Includes but is not limited to branding, packaging, surface design, fashion design, graphic design, product design, merchandising, stationery, greetings cards, annual reports, brochures, leaflets, calendars, inserts, wraps, CDs, DVDs, record sleeves, stamps, character design, pattern design, typography, icons, games, UI, digital, apps and interior design (for example, cushions, carpets, cups, fabric, household goods).

Robert Hunter

For Elbow's latest album 'Little Fictions, Robert Hunter created a fully illustrated lyric book.

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Yunfan Sun

Chinese illustrator Yunfan designed this album cover for Shanghai Restoration Project by R.U.R.

Illustration commissioned and published within the context of journalism, comment, reporting, current affairs, campaigning, social comment and news communication in any media and for any platform. Includes but is not limited to feature articles, news items, reports, cartoons, political satire, reportage, graphic facilitation and documentary.

Tommy Parker

This illustration was created for an article in The Guardian, The Disability Diaries

Belle Mellor

Belle created Sexual harassment at work for The Economist.

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Paul Pateman

The YouTube algorithms that seduce our children was created for The Financial Times Weekend Magazine.

Illustration commissioned for the purpose of undertaking research and communicating knowledge. Illustration that is used as a research or investigative tool and that represents, explains or seeks to understand information or data. Includes but is not limited to natural history illustration, wildlife, scientific illustration, forensic imagery, architectural imagery, illustration supporting academic research (for example in archaeology, geology, palaeontology, natural sciences, biological sciences), visual informatics, data-visualisation and graphic facilitation.

Rebecca Hendin

This is from a series of illustrations for Buzzfeed for an article about animals accused for being witches. We interviewed Rebecca in our feature on political cartoons.

Charlie Padgett

Drowning in Denial concerns "the devastating effects of global warming," says Charlie.

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Rod Hunt

Let’s fix our relationships with electronics is for The Restart Project. You can learn more about Rod's illustrations on Digital Arts, including his satirical masterpiece on the post-Trump world and his work on a bus in Trafalgar Square.

This category features work that, er, doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.

Ben Tallon

Ben talks about creating this collaborative project with Dr Martens in our brush lettering tips feature.

Yukai Du

Yukai's An Anthology is a series of animated images created as a personal project. Previously she told us about creating bright, textured artworks that make complex science easy to understand.

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Irma Gruenholz

This work is called Pregnant. Like most of Irma's artworks, it's created in clay. You can see more of her works in our story about her.

Illustration created for and displayed in the built or natural environment. Includes but is not limited to graffiti, street art, live events, heavy pencil, participatory projects, installations, interventions, performance, billboards, poster sites, public commissions, architectural commissions and performance.

Charlotte Ager

This is a pop-up store facade for luggage brand Rimowa.

Tim Easley

Foot Locker commissioned Tim to create in-store graphics for its Rome store. You can see more of Tim's work for the retail chain - and get advice from him - in our feature on creative lettering and type tips for artists.

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