These beautifully designed solid chocolate eggs are everything you’ve ever wanted

Illustrator Inkymole’s half-kilo beauties are chocolate all the way through.

Inkymole aka Sarah J Coleman is behind lots of delicious work – from beautiful book covers, such as a gorgeous edition of To Kill A Mockingbird, to advertising campaigns for Diet Coke. But none of her designs are quite as tasty as these half-kilo, totally solid easter eggs.

“Our solid chocolate eggs were created to avoid that crushing disappointment as you opened your Easter Egg only to find it was just a sad hollow, shell,” says the Inkymole website in a compassionate statement that surely goes straight to all of our egg-y, chocolate-y hearts.

Now I’ve managed to stop salivating long enough to actually write, I can tell you that Sarah’s delectable designs were created with Leicester-based award-winning handmade chocolate brand Cocoa Amore, who have melted their expertise into 6 flavours: dark, white, milk, praline, salted and peanut butter. 

Inkymole claims one egg contains 30,000,000 calories, which we’ve calculated is 53,285 big macs and 15,000 normal-calorie-intake days’ worth of lies.

Update: Unfortunately, this year all the eggs have sold out – but you can join Inkymole’s mailing list to be first in line for next year’s batch, which promises to be bigger (I would say 'and better' but that seems impossible). 

Image: solid eggs in production. Don't panic - Inkymole was at pains to point out they reach you as whole eggs, not half eggs. 

Sarah started making the solid easter eggs, which are now in their fourth year, with her partner Leigh.

“We knew a chocolatier we’d been working with for a while, and thought, this has never been done - we have to do this - for the sake of all humanity!” says Inkymole.

“The packaging started out quite simply with sturdy tubes wrapped in a full colour sleeve and that distinctive logo created by Inkymole. 2015’s packaging saw the eggs wrapped in a mandala-style illustration silkscreened in chocolate ink onto organic calico, and resting in hand-woven nests.”

Image: 2015's packaging 

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This year, the packaging “evolved again into sturdy monolithic boxes each hand-illustrated by Sarah - a lot of work, but worth it for the ‘which one will I get?’ anticipation!” 

We love the fun, hand-drawn style and typography - boasting slogans more inspiring than most from political parties. 

“This year’s eggs used our bespoke mould for the first time, bearing an embossed Solid Egg logo. It’s evolved into 6 flavours - changing every year - and this year’s included the new Milk, White and Peanut Butter. “

With the egg’s cult fans who start enquiring after them as early as January, “Solid Egg is more of an annual event than a product.”

“We can supply, on request, handy techniques for slicing - simply biting into a massive hunk of chocolate isn’t always the right course of action in polite society! And neither is using a hammer, though we’ve heard all sorts of methods for eating since we started selling them.”

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