These colourful illustrations celebrate 100 years of the Coke bottle

Artists including Stephen Chan have created vibrant, super-detailed works for the centenary of Coke's iconic glass bottle.

2015 is the 100th anniversary of the contoured Coca-Cola bottle, and the drinks brand has created a promotion around this with McDonalds in Asia that has seen six illustrators creating rich illustrations around the shape of a series of commemorative glasses.

Each illustration is based around a year from the past century picked by the artist. Here, Stephen Chan has based his sepia-tinged artwork on Hong Kong in 1899. Read Stephen's tutorial on creating one of his style of artworks.

The artworks are used in billboards and posters, and on trayliners in McDonalds outlets – which also include info on each artist. The campaign is live in Hong Kong, and will be seen across 22 other locations across Asia in the coming months.

Read on to see how Stephen created this artwork, and other illustrations from the series.

Stephen describes his piece as "set against the backdrop of Hong Kong harbour and ports. A quirky steampunk-style piece, in the sepia, earthy tones of old photographs, it collects together iconic landmarks and characters as well as the happiness of multi-cultural trade and growth of that era."

Here you can see how he built up the illustration.

Kouzo Sakai's piece is set in Toyko, Japan in 1961.

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Sydney, Australia in 1916 by Irene Feleo.

Yogyokarta, Indonesia in 1955 by Ipung Kurniawan.

Taipei, Taiwan in 1994 by Sean Wei.

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Manila in the Philippines in 2015 by Ivan Despi.