These energetic GIFs and animations showcase Converse's reinvented classic shoe

Golden Wolf has mixed bright colours and hyper-dynamic animation to create hip animated spots and GIFs for the Converse Chuck Taylor II.

Converse's Chuck Taylor All Star II shoes show just how you should reinvent a classic – and these GIFs and animations by Golden Wolf show off the benefits of the new version in a vibrant visual way.

Most of us own at least a few pairs of the original Converse Chuck Taylor All Star – shoes so linked to the brand that they're just known as 'Converse'. Loved for their lightness (and look), the All Star II has the same aesthetic design but is more comfortable and hard-wearing.

The water-repellent Chuck II Shield Canvas is also better in the rain, which anyone who's had to walk in sodden Converse will appreciate – and is the basis for this GIF (and the video above).

This GIF too.

The subject matter may seem a little clichéd – teenagers hanging out, fixies, rain-lashed back streets, neon, gigs and graffiti – but Converse is so endemic in this world that it's like a farmer wearing wellies. It's not a cliché – it's just appropriate.

These GIFs are for the standard Chuck Taylor All Star IIs, and focus on their durability (though we'd recommend the leather versions if you were to actually have a graffiti battle with a snake).

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Again, this might seem clichéd if there weren't so many real rock stars wearing Converse (and if the animation wasn't so well done).

Golden Wolf has also shared roughs, animatics and character development images on its Behance page.

This shows the design of some the characters, including both look and poses.

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Here's an early animatic from the project.