These Frida Kahlo emoji are simply delightful

Frida Kahlo’s character and self-portraits are delightfully expressed in this emoji series - FridaMoji - by Sam and Larry Cantor.

Los Angeles father and son duo Sam and Larry Cantor launched emoji versions of famous artists and their paintings last year in a large roll-out across social media platforms, which garnered a lot of online attention. Since then the pair has expanded the passion project further with a new emoji series.

With Sam’s background in design and Larry’s experience of running galleries for the past 35 years (and they both run Cantor Fine Art gallery) they've decided to take the most popular art history emoji artist - Frida Kahlo - and create a whole new series dedicated to her.

The Frida Kahlo emoji was originally created after an online request.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits during the 1940s. Her folk art style included Mexican popular culture from the time and strong autobiographical elements, creating paintings mixed with realism and fantasy.

Frida painted 55 self portraits in her lifetime, and was known to express exactly how she felt.

She was described as a Surrealist, and was celebrated internationally for her indigenous traditions and by feminists for her uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.

Sam and Larry began working alongside the Frida Kahlo Corporation to create 160 FridaMoji. These can be seen in various forms at Museumito - an online store already capitalising on the FridaMoji. You can buy tote bags, T-shirts pins, phone cases and hats.

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Sam and Larry studied her famous portraits and paintings (even watched that melodrama with Salma Hayek), took that knowledge and converted that into playful emojis. They explore all of Frida’s anguish, beauty and pain.

You’ll notice reference to her portraits featuring animals including monkeys, deer and parrots, and iconic symbols, such as a thorn necklace and broken column.

You can buy the FridaMoji pack for free, which will give you access to 35 emojis with a mix of animated GIFs and static emojis expressing Frida’s passions and iconic work.

Additional FridaMoji packs available for purchase include a collection of Frida-inspired hearts and animals she loved.

Check out more of the paintings which inspired the emoji.

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