These low-poly, isometric artworks feature miniature rooms inside hexagons

Kid Cut's So Hexy project sees him creating wonderfully realised 'game levels' full of rich detail.

These isometric rooms were created by Kid Cut – aka Anatoly Bazarov – for a game that doesn't exist. They're a wonderful mix of fine detail and low-poly styling that you can imagine being a setting for an hit adventure game.

Each room brings to life a different environment that would fit with a story involving investigation (a bar and a darkroom) and menace (a back alley and an execution chamber). Some also directly add to its 80s feel – the arcade with its Donkey Kong Junior machine and the film-based darkroom.

Read on to see more of Anatoly's Hexy works in detail.

Image: Hextra Life

Isometric is a form most associated with older games – from Head Over Heels on the ZX Spectrum to the first Fallout – which was relatively easy for lower-powered (by today's standards) games hardware to render. More recently we've seen it used for give games a retro feel – such as Shadowrun – and for the beautiful aesthetic of Monument Valley.

Image: Hexcuse to drink

Anatoly is 24 and works as a designer in Moscow – though these were created in Cinema 4D in his spare time, at weekends and while on holiday.

Image: Photographex

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Image: Hexecution

Image: Hex hotel

Image: Hexit

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Image: Hex-ray