These posters beautifully illustrate some of the best cinema of 2016/17

The film posters were designed by individual artists for delve – a film recommendation site by creative agency Human After All.

These beautiful bespoke film posters illustrate some of the best cinema of 2016/17 so far – including films such as Fences, La La Land, The Revenant, Spotlight and The Nice Guys.

The huge collection of film posters have been created by individual artists who've been commissioned by London creative agency Human After All, and the artworks are available to purchase.

The agency designed its own free digital weekly newsletter called delve, recommending one film to see at the cinema that week to anyone who signs up.

Image: Artwork by Eve Lloyd Knight for film Joy

Originally designed as a passion project in 2015, delve now reaches more than 13,000 people every Friday afternoon.

Creative director Victoria Talbot, who is responsible for the commissioning process, says rather than having a set delve aesthetic, each artwork takes from the week’s chosen film which in turn influences the artists chosen.

Working on the weekly newsletter throughout the year, the delve team worked with artists from recent grads like Joe Boyd to industry veterans like Adrian Johnson and David Downton. 

The artists were given a brief that varied from film to film, says Victoria. 

“By necessity delve's artworks are completed on a tight turnaround – our weekly film picks are chosen by five of the UK's top film critics, and they often don't see the films until the week before they're released,” she says. 

“For some briefs we'll have a pretty clear idea of an image or concept for the piece, and others we'll leave more to the artist's imagination. We also share the briefing around our creative team, so the commissioning is handled by a different creative every week. The main guiding principle for delve's artworks is that we push to explore the film's themes and context in the artwork, rather than create a straightforward representation of a specific still or character from the film.”

Image: Artwork by Kate Copeland for film Fences

To combine all the recommended films into one place, Human After All has just launched Year in Review – an online hub and visual celebration of 2016 in cinema.

For each film a poster was created, and alongside it, delve provides links inspired by the themes of the film, links to reviews of the film by publications such as Rolling Stone and The Telegraph, and shows you where you can watch it.

Human After All design communication materials for companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Google and Instagram.

Here we feature some of the stunning film posters created for delve, but head to the Year in Review site to check them all out.

Image: Artwork by The Project Twins for film La La Land

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Image: Artwork by James Lewis for film Spotlight

Image: Artwork by Matt Murphy for film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Image: Artwork by Joe Wilson for film The Revenant

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Image: Artwork by Nimura Daisuke for film The Nice Guys

Image: Artwork by Daira Golab for film I, Daniel Blake

Image: Artwork by Joe Boyd for film Hunt For The Wilderpeople

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