These solid Easter eggs will delight both the child and artist in you

Illustrator Sarah Coleman's Solid Egg's project is again selling solid chocolate eggs - in 2018 introducing new flavours (and vegan options) with ink-spattered packaging you'll want to keep.

Like many of us, when I was a child I dreamed of getting a solid chocolate egg. Hollow eggs always seemed to having something missing - and I don't just mean the obvious. The size-to-chocolate, expectation-to-delivery ratio was always going to lead to disappointment.

Now I'm an adult, the chocolate egg is a reality. OK, so is that I can't polish it off in one sitting by just continuously nibbling on it for 16 hours - but the child in me can still delight in that it exists as our family slowly demolishes it over a couple of weeks.

These Solid Eggs are a side-project created by illustrator Sarah Coleman - aka Inkymole - amd her partner Leigh. Sarah's inky work is much in demand both on the covers of and inside books such as Andrea Gibson's recent poetry book, Take Me With You and Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird sequel Go Set A Watchman.

Each of the five different types of egg comes wrapped in gold foil, which Sarah says helps it feel "a bit special, a bit bling". This sits inside a screen-printed tea towel (while stocks last) featuring artworks and slogans hand-painted by Sarah.

Outside this is a metal tin with a paper wrapper that's not stuck on, so you can reuse the tin for teabags, paintbrushes or whatever else you need to keep stored/under control.

The wrapper features ink splotches that Sarah says neatly tie in with her next project - a series of her own inks (and that's all she's prepared to say about them until they're formally announced).

Each has a space for a personalised message that Sarah with hand-ink onto every wrapper, with random chocolate-, egg- and Easter-related slogans added to any whose purchaser hasn't requested a specific message.

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There are five different types of Solid Egg, the first three of which are vegan: solid dark chocolate, dark chocolate with praline inside, vegan milk chocolate, dairy milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Each egg weighs over half a kilo and is, as far as we or Sarah knows, the only solid chocolate egg of this size you can get in the UK (she also ships worldwide).

In previous years, all of the eggs have sold out, so if you want one for yourself - or your partner who's given up chocolate for Lent - you'll need to order soon.

For Sarah, the project isn't just about creating something wonderful and delicious - its clearly also about the personal connection she has with each egg and the person who receives it. Part of this is the pleasure she gets creating the individual labels.

"I really enjoyed going for it with an ink pen," she says. "Sitting there in front of a pile of labels that were just back from the printers and coming up with something different."

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Sarah and Leigh also delight in seeing photos of the eggs as people receive them (and come up with ingenious ways to break them open, such as hitting them with a rolling pin). And they were very pleased when people got in touch with them as early as six months ago to ask if theywas going to do the project again this year.

Each egg costs £25 (around US$34). They're on sale now from the Inkymole online shop, with shipping starting next week.