These super-bright, geometric T-shirts feature famous helmets

Justin Maller's Helmetica T-shirt line offer brilliant takes on Transformers, Iron Man, Master Chief, Skeletor and more.

We've been featuring illustrator Justin Maller's bright, often-geometric artworks for years, so when he dropped us a mail to tell us about his new T-shirt line, we knew it would be something we had to feature.

These aren’t yet another hackneyed low-poly take on kids TV favourites – due to Justin's skill as an artist they’re as fresh as a young Will Smith. He's been working on his style of illustration since way before the 'low-poly' look went everywhere – and I'd describe his work more as 'geometric', hand-crafted from simple shapes rather than just traced from a photo.

In short, I'd wear them. I just need to get my hands on the Skeletor one before a certain T-shirt obsessed friend of mine gets one first.

Other T-shirts in the Helmetica line feature the famous headgear of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Darth Vader, Daft Punk, Iron Man and Halo's Master Chief.

These T-shirts are also super-bright, having been printed using dye-sublimation. Justin says that this form of printing also makes them last longer without fading than traditional screenprinted T-shirts.

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Each T-shirt costs $50 (around £32). Shipping from the US is $16 (£10), unless you order three tees, in which case it’s free.

You can order the T-shirts from They'll ship about three weeks after your order.