These wonderful animated GIFs add tech to Japanese prints

Segawa Thirty-Seven has added laptops and screens to traditional Japanese woodblock prints for an NEC campaign.

Japanese artist Segawa Thirty-Seven has imagined what 17th Century Japan would be like if the people of that era had access to the digital technology of today, creating a series of animated GIFs for an NEC campaign.

The GIFs are promoting NEC's LaVie range of laptops and laptop/tablet hybrids, which is sold in the UK and US by Lenovo. The latest combo  didn't impress our US-based colleagues at PC World much, but we love these gifts.

The GIFs include scenes set at home (with tablets and TV), ...

... of street life in winter (with LED screens, neon lights and shoppers visiting a computer store – which itself seems a little quaint as most of us buy our tech online), ...

... a leader speaking (now a business leader delivering a presentation), ...

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and two women cooking (using a recipe from a tablet).

More surreally, this GIF shows craftsmen using conventional tools to carve keyboards and desktops.