These wonderful wallpaper illustrations put a fresh spin on Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White

Illustrator Ale Giorgini has translated classic Brothers Grimm fairytales into bold and charming designs that would look fantastic on a child's bedroom or studio wall.

These modern wallpaper designs are perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the legendary tales Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretal

Italian illustrator Ale Giorgini has translated the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales into illustrations for the home in this collection.

His bold lines, bright colour, and a clever use of negative space have produced charming illustrations with a Jetson’s-esque aesthetic.

Here's his design for Little Red Riding Hood.

But more than just the potential to have a beautiful feature wall, Ale intended the wallpaper illustrations to be interactive. 

“I thought of the wall as a huge window, where I could watch the woods through which some of my favourite fairy tale characters walk,” he explains.

Image: Snow White

“You can play with Red Riding Hood and a sweet wolf, or try to grab some candy from the hands of Hansel and Gretal.”

Image: Hansel and Gretal

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Ale’s love for drawing began as a child. Since then he’s produced work in advertising, publishing, entertainment, social content, books and comics. Alongside his own work he teaches illustration at the European Design Institute in Turin. Clients of Ale’s include Emirates, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and The Boston Globe.

Image: Little Red Riding Hood

Ale’s illustrations have been printed by Murals Wallpaper. They are made-to-order and custom sized. You can purchase them in the US, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Find out more about pricing and information here

Image: Ale Giorgini's sketch for his Hansel and Gretal design.

This is a Ale Giorgini's sketch for his Little Red Riding Hood design.

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This is a Ale Giorgini's sketch for his Snow White design.