This art stinks! (because it’s made of rubbish)

Italian designer Giulio Mosca has created a typographic poster out of real rubbish to represent the things we have consumed that make us who we are.

This poster by Giulio Mosca is the first in his Remember What We Are series. You can see how it was created in video above.

The series of posters fills type with the constituent parts of human life – in this case the detritus left after we eat, groom and clean ourselves, and even have sex.

“The human body is composed of approximately 75% water,” says Giuloi, “but what are really made of? Thoughts? Words? Memories?

“We are every single thing we think, every word we say and every memory we have."

Remember We Are Trash was created by laying rubbish into letterforms drawn on paper. It took 12 hours to create – producing an awful stench that permeated Giulio’s studio.

The poster was photographed by Simone Dipietro.

While created in 2012, Giulio has only just released the poster and video due to professional commitments. He’s hoping to release the rest of the series: Stress, Sex, Cash and Flesh shortly.

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