Look at This Wonderful Book through Coloured Filters and Different Animals Appear

We were given a sneak peak of children’s book Illuminature, in which layered designs by expert duo Carnovsky come to life through RGB coloured viewing lenses.

Milan-based art and design duo Carnovsky has teamed up with author Rachel Williams to create a multi-layered children’s book only made sense through red, blue and green filters separating the image designs.

True to Carnovsky style, best known for RGB wallpaper designs, Illuminature's neon colours, thin lines and bold shapes mesh in a disorientating manner unless beautifully separated through red, blue or green filters supplied with the book.

The narrative explores 10 different exotic destinations, including the Congo rainforest, the Simpson Desert and the Ganges River Basin and the equally exotic animals that call these locations home.

If the reader looks through the red lens they can see daytime animal designs by Carnovsky, nocturnal and crepuscular creatures through the blue lens and plant life through the green lens, giving the book a magical and immersive aesthetic that is rather breath taking.

Illuminature is also surprisingly information-heavy. Each "destination" has an "observation deck" - a two-page spread of the landscape and animals - along with a lengthy description of the destination and detailed night time, twilight and daytime species guides that follow.

Frances Lincoln Publishers will publish the book on October 4, but it can be pre-ordered from Amazon or Waterstones for £20 or US$30. 

Carnovsky duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla specialise in ongoing projects that experiment with surfaces that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus.

The first installation of Carnovsky’s RGB design was shown during Milan Design Week in 2010.

Since then, the duo has delved into RGB prints, atmospherics and wallpapers before expanding to tangible materials such as silk scarves and smartphone skins.

This year Carnovsky have a site-specific installation O Novo Mundo e a Palavra at Belmonte Castle in Portugal.

These are the illustrations for the East Siberian Taiga - a Boreal forest in Russia.

Animals featured include the Balck Stork, Reindeer, snowshoe hare.

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