This Monument Valley-themed Lego set would be amazing

This project has reimagined the beautifully designed isometric game in Lego – and you can help it become a reality.

Here at Digital Arts, we're big fans of Monument Valley and Lego – so the chance of them coming together has got us rather stoked.

In case you've been locked in a Vault for the past few years, Monument Valley is an iOS and Android game from Shoreditch-based developer Ustwo Games. It sees you guiding a young princess, Ida, around a series of isometric worlds whose design is inspired in equal measures by Far Eastern temples and the work of MC Escher.

As you go you solve puzzles that aren't hugely taxing – but do give you an intense feeling of delight as you work out just what optical illusion has allowed you to get to the next stage. Read/watch our interview with Ustwo about the design of Monument Valley (and its VR-based followup Land's End.)

The physical impossibility of replicating Monument Valley's optical illusions in Lego aside, the idea of being able to reproduce the look of those worlds with bricks is very exciting. And that's what someone called Isometry has done on the Lego Ideas website, where people can pitch ideas for new Lego products.

If projects get more than 10,000 Likes, Lego will review them to see if they're viable to become a commercial product. Currently in-review projects include Concorde and HMS Beagle – while Doctor Who's Tardis and Wall-E have become real products.

As well as the world of Monument Valley, Isometry has designed Lego versions of the game's heroine Ida, her Totem companion and the creepy crows that live there.

The project also includes some nifty stickers to make standard Lego bricks look like optical illusions.

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This Lego version of the Monument Valley level based on Escher's Waterfall is possibly outside what you can do with real bricks,

Monument Valley Lego has 201 supporters at the time of writing – but this is bound to grow. However, we're not sure of Ustwo's support for the project be beyond a tweet from Ustwo head wonka Mills.