This groundbreaking new Banksy exhibition has work never seen publicly before

Rome’s Palazzo Cipolla museum will display original works by Banksy from international private collections.

War Capitalism and Liberty. Wide-spanning, all about the big issues and unmistakably Banksy, could we have expected any other title for the internationally known, British street artist’s first ever public exhibition?

Usually on display in grey London streets, Banksy’s work will be seen as it never has before in Rome’s Palazzo Cupola museum. Crammed with over 120 original paintings, prints, sculptures, rare objects and, no doubt, large crowds, the curate exhibition promises to show a rich, unrivalled, career-spanning public view of Banksy’s vast collection of work. It will celebrate Banksy’s unique brand of satire, humour and dedication to giving a voice to those who can’t be heard. 

Here, we’ve collected some of the works on show at the exhibition. We can't wait for the vast exhibition of one of the world’s most respected (and notorious) street artists and activists who has captivated international audiences since the late 1990s. 

War Capitalism and Liberty will be held in the Palazzo Cipolla museum, Rome, from 24 May - 4 September.

Image: 'Keep it Real'

Amongst the works on show will be many that have never been seen publicly before, including unique paintings and rare pieces pulled from international private collections, as well as favourites - from the black and white stencilled monkey declaring ‘Laugh now but one day we’ll be in charge’ to the disturbing ‘Kids on Guns’ (shown). 

 Image: 'Kids on Guns'

The exhibition has been conceived by Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, an Italian social foundation, and was curated by founders of 999Contemporary Stefano Antonelli and Francesca Mezza, as well as director of Andipa Gallery, Acoris Andipa. 

Curator Acoris Andipa says all the works are “strictly from private collectors and, therefore, absolutely not removed from the street. The work critically examines contemporary issues of war, consumerism and politics.” 

Image: 'Laugh now but one day we'll be in charge'

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President of Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Emmanuele FM Emmanuele said: “The exhibition is a far-reaching initiative, a unique platform to showcase the themes that it deals with - war, capitalism and freedom - which seem to be both the primary sources of inspiration for the artist known as Banksy, characterised by a strong component of social protest, and the most current and urgent themes defining our present times. This exhibition is the perfect and natural culmination of a path.

“I wanted to pave through the Fondazione terzo Pilastro in order to give voice to a form of street art expression that takes art out of the museums and shifts it into everyone’s world, making it something that belongs to our daily lives.”

Image: 'Flags'