Tom Gauld illustrates cards that you can rearrange to tell different stories

Based on scenes by Tristam Shandy-author Laurence Sterne, there are over 479 million ways to tell this story.

Myriorama is a series of illustrated cards that tell a story whichever way you lay them out. Rerrange the cards and you get a different story.

Popular in the 19th Century, the form has been resurrected for a project by the Laurence Sterne Trust and James Cropper papers. The Trust promotes the work and former home of the 18th Century novellist – best known for 'anti-novel' The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy.

This Endless Journey myriorama is by Tom Gauld – weekly illustration contributor to The Guardian's Review section and author of Goliath – and contains scenes rom Tristam Shandy and A Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy.

The cards can be arranged into a whopping 479,000,600 combinations, says its creators. A smaller number of versions can be created using an online version on the Laurence Sterne website.

The Endless Journey myriorama can be seen alongside original, 19th Century examples of the form at The Shandy Hall near York.

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The cards are printed on ivory or pink (shown here) James Cropper papers.

You can also buy your own set for £10 from the Laurence Sterne website.

Proofs of the Endless Journey myriorama.

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Endless Journey was designed by Brighten The Corners and is supported by the Arts Council.