Ty Mattson's official Breaking Bad posters go on sale

See three great screenprints of the different stage of Walter White's life in the now-sadly-concluded show (and you can buy them too).

Designer Ty Mattson – aka Mattson Creative – has created a series of official Breaking Bad screenprints, which have gone on sale a week after the show's final season drew to a conclusion.

The posters depict three stages of lead character Walter White's life in the show: chemistry teacher Mr White desperately cooking meth in a rubber apron to raise money for his family after being diagnosed with cancer (right); crystal meth drug kingpin Heisenberg; and the bearded-and-bad Mr Lambert.

The three depictions of Walter White are illustrated in Ty's trademark pared-back style – though for this set he's paired the simply rendered characters with intriciate depictions of chemical equations and drug-brewing equipment (and a whole lot of bullets).

Unlike many of the unofficial artworks based on the show, you can actually buy these. The posters are available in a set of three 11x14-inch prints for £31.99 on the official Breaking Bad store.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the rest of the posters.

Right: Heisenberg

Right: Mr Lambert

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