UK illustrators Dan Mumford, Kerry Hyndman & more create cover artworks for Bloomsbury’s Modern Classics

See the beautiful cinematic cover designs for The Kite Runner, Restless and eight other narratives.

Beautiful cover artworks have been produced by a selection of international illustrators for Bloomsbury Publishing’s Modern Classics series –made up of 10 books including Eat Pray Love and The Kite Runner.

The new collection was created after the publisher underwent 18 months of "review and rationalisation", in a bid to reflect new brand values. Titles are a selection from the company’s 30-year history, including Restless by William Boyd, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell by Susanna Clarke and The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje.

The illustrators were commissioned to create iconic scenes from the narratives, with each cover acting like a movie poster according to deputy art director Greg Geinimann, who commissioned the designs.

Among those were iconic UK illustrators Dan Mumford, Kerry Hyndman and Matt Taylor. The series was released along with London Underground advertising and digital content.

The full series is available to purchase from Bloomsbury for £91.90 now.

Take a look at the cover artworks, starting with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell illustrated by Dan Mumford

Illustrated by: Kerry Hyndman

Illustrated by: Tim McDonagh

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Illustrated by:  Ivan Belikov

Illustrated by:  Matt Taylor

Illustrated by:  Richie Stewart

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Illustrated by:  Rui Ricardo

Illustrated by:  Jonathan Burton

Illustrated by:  Ileana Soon

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Illustrated by: Matt Saunders