Virginie Morgand's vibrant illustrations celebrate a great night out

These bright and busy illustrations depict nights out at a bar, restaurant, cinema or club.

Over the past century, the various incarnations of what-is-now Transport for London has commissioned a great many wonderful illustrated posters – from nostalgia-inducing classics from decades past to tapping some our favourite modern illustrators.

TfL's latest set of illustrated posters is the Brightest London series from French artist Virginie Morgand – which show the capital's busy, buzzy nightlife. Taken together, they detail a textbook night out from a bar to a cinema to a restaurant to a club. OK, nights involving the cinema generally don't end up in a club, but you get the idea.

Here you can see the posters in-situ in the nearest station to the Digital Arts office – though the picture was supplied to us by Virginie herself. Over the next few pages you can see the artworks themselives.

It's perhaps ironic that these posters when London's nightlife is still under continued threat from harsh licencing regimes and whiny newcomer neighbours – and the Night Tube that might have helped more people go out to clubs has been bogged down in contract disputes between TfL and worker's unions.

Image: The Bar

The posters were commissioned through Outline Artists, which also created a series of wonderful posters for the Night Tube when it was supposed to be starting last September – featuring artwork from the likes of Noma Bar, Kristjana S Williams and Virgine herself.

Image: The Cinema

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You can buy the posters from the London Transport Museum for £9.95 – or prints of the artwork for £125.

Image: The Restaurant

Image: The Club