Watch The Doodle Man discuss drawing over everything

Illustrator Sam Cox – aka The Doodle Man – covers places and objects in his drawings. Here he reveals his creative process – and how his work has become as much as performance as the art itself.

Sam Cox was one of our picks from last year's D&AD New Blood exhibition of new graduate talent – and in the film above by Modus he talks about what he's been up to since, as well as providing insight into how he works.

Sam's artworks are comprised of intensely detailed black-&-white doodles, often across large surfaces and objects from shopfronts to a table and chair – and an entire van. He's also created a persona from this – The Doodle Man – who wears a suit and hat covered with his art, and carries a similarly adorned briefcase.

It's no surprise then that Sam's found as much interest in The Doodle Man as his work itself, and is promoting himself as much for his performance skills as the finished product. The video shows him talking with the public as he draws, engaging them in the work – all while being filmed for later online consumption. 

Sam has also built a world around his persona – including a series of pamphlets for The Anti-Doodle Squad that he's sold and an arch-nemesis Mas, who draws much darker-themed doodles than The Doodle Man (allowing him to explore styles that don't fit within his core brand).

One of The Doodle Man's recent projects was doodling all over the walls of Ashford Skatepark.

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Sam's The Doodle Man persona in full effect.

It was this chair that we spotted at D&AD New Blood 2015 that was our first introduction to Sam's work.