Beach London and Camden Town Brewery’s beery exhibition is making us thirsty

Delicious beer and beautiful art – is there a better combination? No, according to Beer at Beach.

Thanks to Beach London, Camden Town Brewery’s beers are looking even tastier in a selection of works celebrating London Beer Week. As if Londoners needed another excuse to drink. 

14 diverse artists – including Dan Clarke, George Heaven and Grace Helmer – have illustrated each stage of the beer-making process, from mashing to maturation. 

As well as learning about your favourite drink, you get to have a pint of it at the end – and on 24 February, you can tipsily add to the creations at the draw-along brew day, where the Camden team will be brewing a beer live. 

If it sounds your cup of tea (or pint of Camden's best), make sure you head to Beer at Beach at Beach London between 19 – 28 February.

Here is a selection of our favourite works from the exhibition. 

Cachete Jack shows beer's cuddly side in his illustration of fermentation. 

Rob Flowers draws a happy hop to visualise the dry hopping process. 

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Maria Ines Gul's beautiful, sleepy take on the maturation process. 

Yes, that's how we feel after drinking too much too. 

A clever, chilly three-part take on wort cooling from Jay Wright.

And it gets better.

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Okay, we're feeling sorry for the wort now.