These wonderful personalised letterpress cards feature artwork from James Joyce, Pure Evil & more

Print Club London and Urban Cottage Industries have created cards with type applied using Britain's last working hot-metal Linotype printers.

Craft printing pushers Print Club London has teamed up with old-school print enthusiasts Urban Cottage Industries to create a series of letterpress cards using traditional printing techniques.

The cards feature artwork from illustrators and designers such as Pure Evil, Alice Stallard, James Joyce, Margaux Carpentier, Anthony Peters  – plus Print Club London's creative director Rose Stallard. The artworks were originally created as silkscreened prints by PCL.

There are two sets of cards. The first features artwork on the outside – such as James Joyce's Oh Me Oh My (right) – and a line of your own type inside (in Metro Medium 18pt). The second prints integrates your type within artworks on the front of the card.

The artwork side of the cards is printed using an original Heidelberg press, while the type is applied using one of the UK's only still working hot metal linotype presses.

The cards were launched at a party at MC Motors – next door to Print Club London in Dalston – where these photos were taken. Attendees got to see the linotype machines in action, as they'd been shipped down specifically for the event.

The cards can be bought from Urban Cottage Industries.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the more of the cards.

Lioness by Margaux Carpentier.

Richard Burton's Nightmare by Pure Evi.

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Margaux Carpentier's Lioness pulls in a fan.

Urban Cottage Industries working the Linotype presses.

Urban Cottage Industries working the Linotype presses.

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Urban Cottage Industries working the Linotype presses.

Urban Cottage Industries explaining how a Linotype press works.

Urban Cottage Industries also sells vintage lighting.

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