Wonderful 'vintage' photos of flying cars by Renaud Marion

These retro-futuristic images were created using subtle Photoshop work on some sublime photography of classic cars.

Renaud Marion's new series of images appear to be photographs of futuristic transport from a bygone age. These flying cars have, of course, been created digitally in Photoshop – but you'd be hard-pushed to notice the seams.

The Air Drive project is based on what Renaud expected of the future during his childhood in the 1980s. Inspired by the likes of Star Wars' landspeeders, Renaud believed that in the 21st Century we'd also be travelling in flying cars. For this project's designs though, he looked further back to the aesthetic heyday of car design – featuring Chevrolets, Mercedes, Jaguars, Aston Martins and Porsches.

Image: Jaguar XK120

"As a child, I imagined the new millennium with flying cars, spaceships, parallel worlds, extra-terrestrials living with us on earth and time travel,” says Renaud. “We would have all been dressed up in space outfits and equipped with laser pistols. These are the dreams of a normal child, I think… I hope.”

Image: Aston Martin DB5

To create the shots, Renaud hired the cars or borrowed them from collectors, and photographed them in front of 1970s architecture that he describes as "imposing, massive and graphic" for the right retro-futuristic feel. It's a lonely vision of the future – there are no people in the photos – and one that shows how its possible to imagine a future that's essentially identical to the present apart from a single, massive technological leap.

Image: Chevrolet El Camino

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Renaud then manipulated these photos in Photoshop to remove the wheels and make the cars appear to hover.

The end results are awash with contrasts: starkly beautiful and forward-looking while rooted in the past.

Image: Jaguar E Type

Renaud Marion’s Air Drive is now being exhibited at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva.

\Image: Lincoln Continental

Image: Mercedes 190

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Image: Mercedes 300SL

Image: Mercedes 300SL Roadster

Image: Porsche 356

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Image: Renaud Marion