Wonderfullly bright Signs and Symbols permeate Supermundane's new show

Rob Lowe's new exhibition features works of graphics art that are simple even by his standards.

Rob Lowe – aka Supermundane – is known for bold, bright graphic artworks and illustrations comprised of simple shapes, sometimes arranged geometrically, sometimes in more organic fashion.

For his latest show, Signs & Symbols, he's pared back his work even further – but there's still a clear sense of narrative possibility that means that they're not entirely abstract. The show includes his new series of prints, Ancients Lights, that resemble windows – but with optical illusions that appear to let the world outside intrude inside.

"I want the work I make to have a physical effect on the viewer' says Rob. "I don't want to make passive work. The work is very graphic and hard edged but it is rooted in humans and what it is to be human."

Image: Ancient Lights 3

Rob says that thought the works are simple, composing them takes as much time as more complex works.

"When planning these works, a lot of time is spent adding and taking away lines and colours," says Rob ."The slight movement of one line or altering the colour of a single element can be the difference between a piece working or not working."

Image: Ancient Lights 2

The show will also include a nine-metre-wide, site-specific mural and a large-scale painting that combines torn fragments of other works – inspired by the broken pottery on display at the British Museum recently.

Image: Not Flag 1

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Signs & Symbols is at The Book Club in east London from October 23 to November 23.

Image: Not Flag 2