Chris Levine celebrates David Bowie with a laser show headlining at Glastonbury

Light artist Chris Levine’s Glastonbury work will accompany Philip Glass’s Heroes Symphony.

Light artist Chris Levine is used to working around famous people: from his meditative, evocative and highly unconventional holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to equally arresting portraits of Kate Moss, the Dalai Lama and Grace Jones.

Now, to celebrate the life of David Bowie, Chris’ work will accompany the magnificent sound of American composer Philip GlassHeroes Symphony (no prizes for guessing which Bowie album that's inspired by) with what should be a sensational light performance, the iy_project – as if you needed any more reasons to be jealous of Glastonbury-goers.

Chris fiddles with remarkable, complex technology and out pops simply beautiful, illuminating works. Far from the glitz of his restful celebrity portraits, this light show promises to be abstract, immersive and eye-popping, and a fitting celebration of Bowie's colourful life. 

Bowie first played at Glastonbury in 1971, when both he and the festival were relatively unheard of; Saturday’s explosive performance will be a testament to how much has changed.

The performance will take place on The Park Stage on Saturday 25 June.

“My encounter with David Bowie when I was at art school, touched me deeply and was formative,” said Chris. “His music took us to the edge of time with one foot somehow in the future - leading us to a silvery place where anything could happen next. 

“The cyclic music of Philip Glass is utterly trance inducing and combined with my iy_project laser waveforms takes us into a meditative space - a spiritual dimension where the starman now resides”

Chris’ work draws from music, performance, installation, fashion and design to create an immersive, distinctive experience that seems almost otherworldly.

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Glastonbury’s first classical music headliner - the Heroes Symphony - will be conducted by Charles Hazlewood, Army of Generals and members of the British Paraorchestra.

iy_project is produced in association with the Eden Project.