GDC: Build a FPS game in minutes with GameGuru

Get ready to quickly develop your ideal game with a £15 tool from Manchester studio TheGameCreators.

Fancy creating your own FPS game in minutes? Then GameGuru, officially launching at GDC this week, might be the tool you're seeking.

GameGuru allows users to create, share, play and sell their games in a virtual 3D world. The free roaming, realistic environment allows users to sculpt terrains, populate them with buildings, game objects and characters and then play their game with the click of a mouse.

At £14.99 ($19.99), the low-cost multi-player game creation tool is still more expensive than free dev tool Unity, but allows for very rapid royalty-free development and makes sharing for up to eight players easy, according to the Manchester-based development studio, TheGameCreators.

GameGuru comes with over ten ready-to-play games including modern day warfare, horror, medieval fantasy, kids and multiplayer maps. Users can then see what games can be made, and use GameGuru to adapt them into their own creations, making the game unique.

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GameGuru officially launches this week and is available via Early Access on Steam now.

The Game Creators CEO, Lee Bamber, who can be found on the Intel stand with GameGuru at GDC, said, “If you're looking for a great value game maker that takes minutes to learn, is powerful enough to deliver a modern gaming experience and allows you to sell what you make royalty free, then it has to be GameGuru.

"With its powerful graphics engine, built-in asset libraries, example levels, instant multi-player game sharing mode and friendly community, you'll find creating and sharing your games both rewarding and lots of fun.”

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The Game Creators Development Director, Rick Vanner, added, “We've developed GameGuru with the help and feedback of our amazing community. They have driven the project's direction, guiding us to produce a product that's easy to use, powerful, and accessible by all and hugely entertaining!”