56 fun interactive, animated web experiments for you to play with

Try out this interactive showcase of curated creative coding sketches.

Got a minute? Try out the web experiments at codedoodl.es, a showcase of curated creative coding sketches.

The aim of these doodles is to exhibit interactive, engaging web experiments which only require a short attention span. 

There are 56 doodles on the site currently. We've picked out our favourites here.

Play with Le Moustache by Felix Woitzel

“No loading bars, no GUI, no 5MB 3D models or audio files, just plain and simple doodles with code,” said the site.

You can also add a Chrome extension that lets you see a new doodle every time you open a new tab in the browser.

Play with Generative Forms by Silvio Paganini

See some more examples of generative art from codedoodl.es

Play with N-Chaosphere by Pablo Cabana

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