Interactive light show across Sydney Harbour is the highlight of this year's Vivid festival

Festival attendees are able to control the lighting on Sydney's harbour bridge, or the movements of a 'giant interactive robot'.

Sydneysiders have the opportunity to control the movements of a giant interactive robot from an Intel-powered tablet at this year's Vivid festival.

The Vivid festival – which kicked off on Friday – paints Sydney landmarks in dazzling light displays over its 18-day run. Many of the lightshows will showcase the potential of new Intel technologies as the chipmaker returns as an event partner for the fourth consecutive year.

Festival attendees will be able to control the lighting on Sydney's harbour bridge, or the movements of a "giant interactive robot" from an Acer tablet powered by an Intel processor. Other lighting displays include a digital forest, its centrepiece a 120 LED 3D tubes, and LED-studded boats floating throughout different parts of the harbour.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of the Vivid festival.

Many of the installations will rely on technologies powered by the Intel Galileo development board, a customisable circuit board used by artists, designers and capable enthusiasts to create interactive environments. Members of the public interested in the versatile processor can attend two workshops, one of which is already sold out.

Intel Australia managing director, Kate Burleigh, said Intel's range of chips were enabling artists to creatively express themselves. "Our technology is working to make it happen. It's not what we make; it's what we make possible," Burleigh said.

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This year's Vivid promises to be the largest in the events history. Sandra Chipchase, chief executive of Destination NSW, the state government event agency behind Vivid, said the installations will "create an unbroken trail of light from Circular Quay to North Sydney".

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