Paper website offers jobs to interactive designers

Digital Arts | 07 October 13

Create Cool Shit might seem like it's mocking the current obsessions of web/mobile design – but it's actually trying to get you to apply for a job.

Philadelphia-based creative agency Red Tettemer O'Connell & Partners (RTO+P) has produced a paper version of its website at The paper version takes a little longer to appear than the digital version (6-8 weeks in fact), but is responsive – fold it in half and you get to see a version reformatted for the smaller size. It can also feature an iOS 7-like parallax effect, achieved by the application of scissors, glue and sticks.

This may sound like it's taking the piss, but it's designed to attract web/mobile designers and developers to apply for jobs at the firm's offices in Philadelphia; Brooklyn, New York; and Venice, California. We'd recommend applying with a paper CV with printouts of the best-looking websites you've designed or long lines of your tightest code (no, not really).


Michael said: This goes to show that human ingenuity has no bounds. It would be interesting to see the application of this graphic style on different electronic media format.