How SomeOne aims to make you look twice at the Glasses Direct site

SomeOne created animated imagery to enliven the optician's online presence

London-based agency SomeOne has brought the Glasses Direct brand to life in a new online and mobile campaign

Tasked to take the brand 'beyond the purely transactional', the agency worked with experiential studio SomeOne/Else to make the process of buying online not only more enjoyable, but also a more elegant, curated experience.

An entirely new strategic visual brand identity was developed to be deployed across multiple channels - both digitally responsive over many devices - but also through the packaging and entire customer journey.

SomeOne worked with film maker Simon Warren to create a series of animated GIF files that enlivened the traditionally static imagery found on many optician websites.

The technique of cinemagraphs was employed to keep pages visually calm, but visibly alive.

“Just as the brand is mixing up the best of retail and home service, we’ve fused the worlds of film, stills and animation,” said Warren, who also created a series of cinematic still life images

Much of the visual brand identity was created by Thomas Dabner, lead SomeOne designer on the project.

“I’m bored to tears by brands that have nothing but a logo to signpost territories,”said Dabner. “Here we’ve developed multitudes of design cues that gently remind people where they are without leaning on repetitive badging. It’s a far smarter approach that leaves the competition standing still. That was ultimately the job here, to help make people see the service more clearly via our more entertaining methodology.”

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A full suite of assets have been developed and deployed, from lens devices to colour systems, animations, navigation and signature typography to aid brand recognition. It also includes a custom wordmark based on the typeface Portrait by Berton Hasebe.

The branding features the signature font of Austin by Paul Barnes, originally designed for Harpers & Queen, adding to the editorial feel of the brand.

The website experience was radically optimised, enabling people to get to the products they want significantly more swiftly and accurately.

“So many e-commerce sites slump into the merely transactional,” said Dave Dunlop, Creative Director of SomeOne/Else. “Here the experience is one of welcome surprise as shoppers find what they want and are inspired to try previously unconsidered options.’

SomeOne co-founder, David Law, said: “Seamless service, personalised transactions and choice are the expected norm, so we installed those as standard. What we added was a way to inspire the shopper."

"We set out to lift people to make choices they may not consider in traditional optician environments. The Glasses Direct brand is stamping on the old glasses of the establishment and replacing them with a far more elegant solution.”

The project took a mobile-first approach to enable the service to work seamlessly across devices.  

“Choosing and buying glasses online is challenging,” said Gavin Edwards, User Experience Director of SomeOne/Else. “We have helped create an immersive experience that removes any extraneous functionality and focusses on the ability to review frames quickly and beautifully."

"There is nothing like trying on a pair of glasses, it’s a personal and physical experience so our task was to remove any barriers to users getting these glasses in their hands.”

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