Take a 50m high stumble through a city in this VR game for Cardboard

B-Reel Creative creates a VR prototype called Stupid Big Hands, where you play a clumsy giant

B-Reel Creative has created a virtual reality prototype for Cardboard called "Stupid Big Hands,"

The project, which takes a ‘pick-up-and-play’ approach to VR gaming puts users in a first-person perspective as they navigate a city to different checkpoints.

You play as George, an everyday young guy living in the city. He does the normal stuff everybody does. He just happens to be 50m tall (160ft)

The story unfolds as a series of short tasks that all involve travelling across the city George calls home before time runs out.

You’ll need to get to the objective whilst causing as little damage as possible along the way. It sounds simple, but being a giant in a tiny world isn’t always easy.

George has absurdly big hands and is prone to accidentally flipping a car or knocking over a skyscraper.

Users have to avoid crushing and destroying buildings as they make their way through the city.

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While playing, you’re constantly walking forwards – to turn, simply look in that direction.

As long as you don’t hit anything, George’s confidence goes up and your speed increases.

View the game trailer and give it a try, here. But be careful, hit too many buildings and it’s game over.

The game runs on Android devices. You have a choice of downloading the APK file directly from your Android Device, or your computer.

You will need to allow your Android device to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

B-Reel Creative will be spending some time assessing the prototype and said it hopes to bring a more complete version of George’s story to life soon.

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