Experience the world's brightest projection mapped easter egg

Projection Artworks and JUSTSO create a 360-degree projection mapped luxury Faberge egg for Harrods

If you're in London this month, head on down to Knightsbridge for a look at the latest project from Projection Artworks, a virtual egg for Faberge’s Harrods Easter window

The London-based studio created a 360-degree projection mapped luxury egg in the windows of the famous department store, in the process making it the world’s brightest projection mapping show and crossing quite a few technical frontiers in retail display.

Visible in daylight, the installation is part of a five-window display celebrating the lead-up to Easter with Faberge.

Developed with creative agency JUSTSO, the display also incorporates an interactive touch-screen element to showcase Faberge’s jewellery designs.

Window designer Stuart Henry conceived the idea of the egg, and his team at JUSTSO visualised an interactive projection show on a 1.5 metre 3D egg-shaped model.

The model is based on real Faberge pendants, which are 1/100th of the size of the installation.

Projection Artworks was commissioned to produce the digital content and projection element.

The project represented a huge technical challenge for Projection Artworks and its partner Optoma, which provided the projectors for the month-long installation.

The daylight visible projection uses proprietary DisplayMapper technology, which works by applying large amounts of light to relatively small areas.

The Faberge egg mapping is 14,500 lumens/sqm, making it around 200 times brighter than a typical outdoor building projection.

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Projection Artworks’ animation studio and in-house development team worked together to create dramatic interactive content that allows Harrods shoppers to explore the world of Faberge via a custom-designed touch screen.

Shoppers choose their favourite Faberge design and watch a personalised 3D projection show unfold before their eyes, inspired by their selection.

In total, ten exclusive new designs are showcased in emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond variations.

The projection was made possible by the D3 4 x 4 Pro production tool , which was able to simulate every aspect of the production in the studio before arriving onsite.

Initially the challenge was to create ultra-high resolution 360-degree photos of the egg pendants, which in real life only measure approximately 15mm in height.

This presented major issues with depth of field, and each egg required 64 photographs from different focal lengths to create the highly detailed 360° models required.

Projector alignment was also a challenge as the egg model has no defining corners, but a seamless output was facilitated by high resolution 3D scanning technology.

The final animations were then rendered out in 16 x HD resolution to properly show off the giant egg in all its glory, 100 times the size of a real Faberge pendant.

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“This kind of installation would never have been feasible a few years ago,” said Tom Burch, Managing Director of Projection Artworks, “The projectors would have been enormous."

"The continuing development of projector technology is constantly opening up exciting opportunities in retail, even in high levels of ambient light. This is genuinely daylight-visible.”

The installation is in place until March 27th.