This new online interface design tool aims to challenge Adobe and Sketch

The free preview release of Figma lets creative teams collaborate on designing web and app interface projects in the browser.

Figma says it aims to "make the design process seamless and shareable across teams, no matter where the members are located".

Figma's interface design tools include flexible grid and constraint systems, easy data integrations, and live device previews.

The entire design process takes place on the web, with Figma built using the dynamic WebGL API. The company said designs remain secure but become easily shareable.

Based on owner authorisation, team members can review or edit shared designs on any operating system, using any device.

Figma said this saves time by avoiding exporting, uploading, emailing, and downloading stale files.  Version control is no longer an issue, as designs are constantly saved and updates readily available to review or modify.

Teams can review projects under real world conditions, said the company, using real use case data on different devices.

Collaborative tools include realtime comments and notifications, as well as having colours and asset libraries built directly into each project on Figma.

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The company said the platform will expand to enable simultaneous editing, where multiple collaborators can edit the same design at the same time.

"For years software has been moving away from the operating system and into the cloud,” said Dylan Field, founder and CEO of Figma. “Everything from simple word processing to advanced project management has become accessible online, and collaborative in real­time. But design software hasn’t caught up ­­ it is offline and isolated. Designers want to work differently? forced to email around files, wondering if they are looking at the most recent versions, but the underlying technology required to create a professional design tool online didn’t exist ­­ until now."

"We also believe that powerful design tools should be made accessible to any budget,” added Field. “Right now we’re inviting design teams to test us out for free during our Preview Release, and provide feedback so that we can continue to refine Figma into the default tool for interface design. We want to learn how teams use the tool so we can introduce appropriate and accessible pricing that is the best value in the market."

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